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These waterproof sex blankets will make you feel like a goddess in bed and during your menstrual time. They are waterproof and will collect all kinds of fluids to help not soak the bed, when making love, having squirting orgasms, sleeping while bleeding or during nappy time with baby or pet.

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  • Moonblood Waterproof BlanketMoonblood Waterproof Blanket

    Waterproof Goddess Blanket™ – Moonblood

  • Waterproof Goddess Blanket Ocean Bluewaterproof sex blanket

    Waterproof Goddess Blanket™ – Ocean Blue | PRE-ORDER 7th October

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Waterproof Blanket – The Perfect Choice for Period Sex and Intimacy

Let’s admit it – no one wants to ruin precious moments in bed. That’s why our waterproof Goddess Blanket is a must-have addition to your bedroom essentials collection! With this blanket, you can indulge in pleasure and squirting orgasms without worrying about wet spots or soaked sheets.

Feel like a goddess with our soft and waterproof blanket

When it comes to exploring your sexuality and enjoying your partner, our waterproof Goddess Blanket is the perfect accessory. With its soft white fleece on one side and silky smooth velour on the other, the blanket will feel like a dream against your naked skin. And thanks to its waterproof technology sewn into the fabric, you can fully surrender to your pleasure and the experience of squirting orgasms without worrying about making the bed wet. So bring the blanket to the bedroom and experiment with your partner in all the positions you’ve ever dreamed of. Use it as a playmat for games and pleasure or place it on your bed or sofa to protect the furniture from any fluids. Whatever you choose, rest assured that the blanket will capture and prevent any leaks, allowing you to enjoy your sexuality without worries.

Practical and versatile design for women of all ages

This blanket is not just for sex and intimacy. It is a versatile accessory for women of all ages and life situations. Use it for period sex or menstruation when you don’t feel like using pads, menstrual cups, or tampons. It’s also handy during childbirth and the postpartum period with diaper changes and baby cuddling. It’s also a practical choice for individuals with incontinence, as the blanket can effectively absorb and prevent leakage of urine and other fluids. So no matter your needs, this waterproof blanket is the perfect solution for feeling secure and protected.

Spoil your pet with the waterproof blanket

Don’t let your furry friend be envious of the softness you can enjoy on this blanket. Use it as a cozy bed for your dog, cat, or rabbit, and let them experience the same comfortable benefits as you. The blanket will not only provide them with a soft and comfortable place to sleep but also protect your floor or furniture from any accidents, hair, and stains. The blanket is easy to clean, so you can let your pet enjoy it without worries.

Washable and durable – for years of pleasure

Our blanket is designed to be practical and durable. It’s machine washable and leaves no stains. The plush and waterproof design holds up after many washes, and with proper care, its waterproof function will last for many years. Machine wash it in cold water and air dry it in the sun or tumble dry on low heat (not longer than 30 minutes).

Buy our waterproof blanket today and fully enjoy your intimate moments!

So why wait? Add our waterproof Goddess Blanket to your collection of bedroom essentials today and indulge in pleasure and squirting orgasms without worrying about wet spots or soaked sheets!

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