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The most important Jade Egg Practice!

by | Dec 29, 2021 | Jade Egg, Yoni Egg | 0 comments

One of the most important jade egg practices actually takes place before you put the egg into you. It’s about learning to listen to your pussy’s signals and her ‘yes’ and ‘no’. It is very important that she gives you a 100 percent “YES!” before inserting the jade egg or for that matter a penis, dildo or anything else into you.

Most of the reasons why we as women shut down sexually and become numb or have pelvic and vaginal pain is because we have been penetrated over and over again without being ready at all. It can be by a partner, a gynecologist or even by yourself.

Getting your pussy to suck the egg in is therefore one of the most important exercises with the jade egg, as it helps to reprogram your brain, your nervous system and your pussy to connect penetration with safety and pleasure. For those women who have experienced trauma, sexual assault or had sex without being ready, penetration alone can provoke anxiety. It did for me. 

That is why it is very important to go slowly and tune in to your pussy.

As you begin to tune in and listen to your pussy, you deepen your relationship with her and get to know her cues, and you can begin to understand her and yourself on a much more intimate and deeper level. You will begin to understand what experiences and layers of trauma are hiding in your pussy and your mind.

Talk to your pussy as often as you can – preferably every day. Make a whole meditation out of it.

Lie down or sit in crosslegged position.

Close your eyes.

Take a deep breath in and out.


Bring your consciousness down to your pussy.

When you feel ready, place one hand over your entire vulva, and the other hand on the lower belly under the navel at the womb or at your heart. Do what makes you feel most comfortable.

Stay here for a while as you breathe into your pussy and out through your pussy.

Then start a conversation with her. You can ask her:

“Hello beautiful, how are you today?”

“What do you need?”

“What do you need to feel again?”

“Why are you in so much pain?” Etc.

Feel, feel, listen and see for your inner gaze what sensations, feelings, visions or messages you get through.

My experience with this meditation or conversation with my pussy has been very powerful and continues to amaze me in terms of how much the body actually stores on of emotions and memories.

Only 30 percent of the brain is rational, logical and intellectual (that is, our ego and conscious self, which we spend most of our time on), but the last 70 percent are our age-old instincts that control hunger, thirst, sleep, sex, shelter, touch, care and love. And it is the one that stores all the trauma that comes when these things are not met.

When I communicated with my pussy, I asked her:

“Why do not you feel?”

“What do you need to feel again?”.

And the answer came very promptly. For my inner gaze I saw myself as a child, bathing naked out in a wavy sea on a hot summer day. I knew that beach. Suddenly I just started crying, and I got a really uncomfortable, clammy feeling inside me as if something really disgusting had happened to me that day, as if I had actually been raped.

Whether the sight has hold in something real or not, I do not know. Of course, it may well be that something happened to me and I can not remember it, but it may also be that it was an emotional trauma that is stored deep in my vagina.

Sometimes you do not need to know the story behind, but more work with the blocked energy, numbness, pain and the unpleasant sensations that must come up.

What I do know is that there are some sensations and feelings deep inside my pussy that are deeply traumatized and frozen and that energy needs to be heard, felt and released.

Our primordial brain, our deep subconscious, speaks in symbols and images, so it is up to us to feel into what it is trying to communicate and from there keep listening, understanding, holding, caring and releasing what may need to be released so that we can heal trauma and calm our nervous system.

Therefore, when using the jade egg, it is very important that you ask your pussy for advice. First, feel free to warm up your body with dancing, breast massage or breathing exercises. When you feel a little turned on or just comfortable in your body, you can place the egg at your vaginal opening and ask her: “Do you want to receive the egg today?”.

If it is a “no”, she will feel dry, closed, numb and hard. Just put the egg aside and ask her for another day. Or you can continue the conversation with words like “safety, safety, safety” or “love, love, love”.

If it’s a “maybe”, you can ask her what she needs to feel safe. If you remain unsure of your pussy’s answer, then it’s a “no” for now and respect that.

If your pussy gives you a “yes”, then she will be wet, soft, open and pulsate pleasureablely after the egg. You will also have a “yes” in your heart and feel a kind of love, care and safety in your body.

If it is a “yes”, you can slowly insert the egg with the thick end first. Your pussy should be able to suck the egg in. So do not force the egg in, but instead guide the egg in with your fingers. Squeeze your pelvic floor muscles up on an inhalation, and on an exhale, you push out easily as if you were giving birth, making the egg suck in easily. Be patient, gentle, compassionate and loving yourself in the process. Do it on your pussy’s terms. She will thank you for it in the long run.

I hope this blogpost inspired you in some way to treat your pussy like the oracle she is.

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I am sending you so much erotic love!

/ Helle


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