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Lilith – Black Obsidian Crystal Dildo



Obsidian is a volcanic lava rock that is very powerful and dramatic in its energy and is used in deep emotional healing of the lower chakras. It protects and provides deep grounding and clarity and a strong intuition.

When used for vagina massage and de-arming, it sucks all trauma and blockages out of the vagina while softening and strengthening the pelvic floor. It rejects negativity and all that does not benefit, and it makes you realize all your shadowy sides.

Black obsidian is truly one of the strongest stones when it comes to healing, self-examination and cleansing of accumulated emotions, therefore it is perfect as a crystal dildo. It gets you in touch with your inner wild woman and your deep insight into yourself.

Black obsidian qualities:

  • Powerful metaphysical properties that will help shield against negativity.
  • Do you draw mental stress, imbalance and tensions that have accumulated over time.
  • Motivates to let go of the past and what does not serve to open up to the unknown and new paths in possibilities.
  • Brings clarity to the mind and removes confusion and indecision.
  • Helps you understand your true self.
  • Releases emotional blockages and traumas, even from your ancestors and past lives.
  • Increases compassion and strength.


The Lilith wand [named after the goddess Lilith, which in Semitic means “night”] holds a high-vibrational energy from black obsidian and is designed to stimulate the G-spot. With it’s smooth surface and weight, it is incredibly comfortable to hold on. It’s S-form and tongue-like shape give it an appearance, that you can’t help but be completely amazed by. You can use both ends to massage different points inside the vagina and specifically to heal and open up the G-spot.

If you love the Rose Quartz G-spot wand and want a larger version, then you will LOVE the Lilith wand. It is a powerful tool made of black obsidian that you can use with body-friendly oil, lube or the famous Pussy Butter.

Black Obsidian is an amazing protective stone from Mexico, and it works magically to purify negative energy and release stress and trauma. It manages to remove all the ugly emotional blockages that have simmered inside and which have accumulated as vaginal tension, numbness or pain. It exudes so much powerful volcanic energy that literally bubbles over to release negativity and to free you from the wounds and traumas of the past.

Lilith will awaken the part of your feminine sexuality that is raw, strong, independent, uncontrolled, untamed, sexual, fearless, shameless and extremely orgasmic! For she is the primal feminine sexual drive, which the patriarchy has for a thousand years tried to suppress, and which has been in the shadows for far too long. But she remains untamed inside and can be set free with regular love, patience and compassion.

Each obsidian dildo will have a black color tone, some with possible gold sheen. They are each smooth, but completely unique, as they are handmade from natural stone without chemicals or dyes and may therefore have small “flaws” in its appearance.


  • A genuine certified black obsidian g-spot dildo in large size
  • Size: L: 16 cm. W: 2 cm
  • A fabric bag to store your beautiful crystal dildo in
  • Detailed instructions in flyer
  • A lot of love, sensual intentions and erotic energy charged into the crystal dildo just for you! I am very careful to love the dildos and charge them with so much beautiful, healing energy before it even comes to you.

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Return policy

Due to the intimate nature and use of the product, we unfortunately do not offer refunds or exchange options – only in very rare cases where the product is damaged during shipment.

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