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How to sensitize the cervix for deep vaginal orgasms!

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Sexual Healing, Yoni Massage & Vaginal Therapy | 0 comments

A year ago, I started exploring my own cervix to re-soften, heal, and activate her magical powers. I found that the cervix holds on to many tensions and many unresolved emotions from the past. In the first time I explored my cervix with a yoni wand, I experienced great sadness, anxiety and trauma. It was feelings of failure and this deep emptiness of not being good enough as a woman, and it was the fear of surrendering to me during sex. All of that seemed to live inside my cervix. I cried and cried and cried – and many times without really knowing why I was crying.

The cervix and the heart

In Chinese Taoism, the cervix is ​​connected to the heart, so when you feel closed over the heart, you will most likely also feel hard and closed in your cervix. On the other hand, when you feel love during sex, the cervix will become soft and open when you are completely aroused. This does not mean that you have to be completely wildly in love to open your cervix, but rather that you have to have a sure yes in your heart and in your thoughts.

When I had boyfriend worries a few years back, I remember feeling a great urge for my ex-boyfriend to penetrate me deep inside my cervix. I had such a great urge for his penis to touch my cervix. Well, just that he touched my heart. I have found out after a year of working with myself sexually that I really have a lot of unresolved heartache over my ex-boyfriend. There’s a lot that I did not allow myself to process at the time, and I think that those beliefs about being rejected by him and about not feeling good enough as a woman are something I still carry around in my cervix and in my heart, and which somehow blocks me from feeling great sexual pleasure and experiencing a mutual love.

Cervix and vagus nerve

The cervix is ​​connected to the vagus nerve, which is a very emotionally strong nerve. A well-functioning vagus nerve is important to be able to feel sexual pleasure. It is our true gut feeling and checks our surroundings for danger. If it lurks dangers, it will stop the blood from seeping down to the emotional areas. It can therefore not be said enough that a complete YES (!) Is necessary before sex, because otherwise the vagus nerve is not activated.

If you have experienced a trauma, it can lead to a chronically tense vagus nerve, and it can take time to open, calm, and activate the vagus nerve again. One can i.a. heal a tense vagus nerve by stimulating the cervix regularly!

Healing of trauma, stress and anxiety

To get in touch with the great pleasure that is in the cervix, you first need to go through a period of healing and redemption of old feelings and traumas. You need to be able to look into the eyes and release all the old wounds and tensions that have just piled up like a shield around your cervix (and your heart).

If you experience numbness or pain in the vagina and on the cervix, then know that it is not your natural state. Numbness and pain are unfortunately very common for many women because most of our trauma, stress and unresolved emotions are stored around and in the cervix. But remember that numbness and pain are not your natural sexual state. It is possible for you to feel great pleasure and orgasms again. It just takes time, practice, devotion, discipline, patience, compassion and healing.

Here are two ways to sensitize the cervix:

1) Using your fingers or a dildo to massage your cervix

You can use your fingers or a dildo to slowly slide into your vagina and feel your way to where your cervix is. If you have had your cervical surgery removed, you can work with the energy in the area, because it never disappears.

My cervix is ​​on the left side. It may be hard to find at first, so use your fingers. You may need to squat or on a toilet to really get deep inside, but if you can not reach all the way in, that’s okay too. You do not really need to touch your cervix completely. With deep penetration with your fingers, you are already starting to activate the nerve pathways that allow your cervix to feel pleasure.

Once you have found your cervix, you can start by massaging around in circles or gently touching her jerkily on the tip of your neck. At the same time, you can touch your clitoris, your breasts or the way you usually have sex with yourself. Here you train yourself to have blended orgasms, ie. two orgasms simultaneously, e.g. both on the clitoris and on the cervix.

Also in your massage of the cervix try to refrain from touching your clitoris and be present exclusively with your cervix alone. It is good to stimulate your cervix regularly, because in this way you train yourself and your nervous system to feel pleasure. Therefore, when you are with a partner at some point, it is much easier for you to feel your partner’s penis inside you. That way, you have the opportunity to have vaginal and cervical orgasms.

2) To use a jade egg

You can use a jade egg to stimulate and awaken your cervix. When you suck your egg up to the deepest section of your vagina, you stimulate your cervix and the reflex zone associated with the heart. You can squeeze around the egg at the cervix and on an exhalation you release and exhale with the heart sound “hah”, which helps you to open up in the cervix and in the heart. The jade egg will help you open your cervix up to amazing cervical orgasms.

By having a regular jade egg practice you will be able to let go of tension, trauma and unresolved emotions that keep you from feeling great pleasure on your cervix right now. If you are not familiar with the specific jade egg exercises, you can also make sure that you have your jade egg inserted completely deep inside the cervix while enjoying yourself sexually, e.g. while touching your clitoris and breasts or otherwise having sex with yourself. The jade egg will lie inside your cervix and stimulate this channel for cosmic pleasure.

Over time, you will activate and open your cervix more and more. To begin with, you will be able to feel this openness as a tingle and pulsation and over time, your cervix will begin to pulsate more and more with pleasure. Your body will overflow with oxytocin (the love hormone). You will feel a wave of electric, ecstatic, cosmic pleasure and heightened love that floods your brain, your heart, your body and your whole being. It is a cervical orgasm and it can be life changing and feel like opening up to other dimensions.

With all this knowledge, I now know that I have always been in close contact with my cervix – ever since I was a child. It was her who pulsed with great pleasure inside my vagina every time I was sexually aroused. It was her that made me feel great sexual pleasure and these big cosmic full body orgasms – which I really just took for granted when I had sex with my first boyfriend as a young teenager. I actually thought all the girls experienced the great pleasure that I did. But today, I know that far from all women know or are allowed to feel what their cervix is ​​capable of providing of amazing heart-opening and expanding pleasure. But it is the pleasure that all persons with a cervix are able to feel and we can bring it back to life through a conscious practice of massage, love and our breathing. You can also still work with her energy even if you have had your cervical surgery removed.

Important! Before you go deeper…

It may be that you are not feeling much in your pussy right now. It may be that you are so numb and disconnected from your pussy that you unconsciously walk around and tighten up on the outside and inside of your vagina. This is due to stress, trauma and unresolved emotions.

If you are holding on to great tension and traumatic emotions in your vagina, then I would recommend that you proceed slowly witn the insertion of a finger and dildo. It can create greater tension and in the worst case re-traumatize yourself if you go too fast.

Before you start going deeper into your vagina, I recommend that you start by softening your outer body: your neck, your heart, your belly and your vulva.

First, you can warm yourself up with a chest and abdominal massage. When massaging yourself, keep taking some deep breaths in and out of an open relaxed mouth. To open up your cervix, you need to have a relaxed jaw because it is directly connected to the vagina.

When you are ready for it, you can with some coconut oil make some long strokes over your vaginal opening. Start here by massaging and softening the inner thighs, pubic bones, clitoris, labia, groin and anus. Only then can you ask your pussy for advice if she is ready for deeper penetration with finger, dildo or jade egg. If it’s a no, then respect it no and contact and instead soften your cervix using your breathing and by sending good energy and your consciousness down to your cervix.

Thank you for reading, dear goddess.

I send you all good healing orgasmic energy your way!

/ Helle


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