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What is the difference between a jade egg and a yoni egg?

by | Dec 19, 2021 | Feminine empowerment, Jade Egg, Pleasure & Orgasms, Sexual Healing, Yoni Egg | 0 comments

In this blog I would like to tell about what the difference is between a jade egg and a yoni egg, and what my recommendation is in relation to which stone to use.


The Jade Egg 101

To begin with, I want to tell you what a jade egg is.

The jade egg is a tool that is used inside the vagina to strengthen, soften, tone and heal the pelvic floor.

The jade has been cut and polished into an egg shape so that one can use it inside the vagina and do various pelvic floor exercises and breathing exercises with.

The jade egg is perfect to use for women who want to prevent urinary incontinence and prolapse.

And then it is a great tool to use when it comes to getting stronger and more pleasurable orgasms. The jade egg strengthens the pelvic area, but you also learn with the jade egg to relax your pelvic floor, which is just as important – perhaps even more important – when it comes to sex and pleasure.

The gentle energy of jade is said to be connected to the heart, so that by using the jade egg you connect the heart with your pussy and thereby connect love with sex. Jade is also said to stimulate the kidneys, which is the area of ​​the body that holds on to our sexual energy, so by using a jade egg you can strengthen your kidneys for more pleasure and sexual energy.

With a gentle jade egg practice where you only insert the jade egg with respect to the boundaries of your pussy, you can reprogram your brain, your body and your pussy to connect penetration with something safe and nice. Only inserting the egg into you when you have a full yes from your pussy will make your body relax more and open up to the pleasure signals in the vagina and the whole area.

If you have been the victim of an assault or other excessive act against your pelvis and your body, then a jade egg practice can help you reconnect with your sexuality and your abdomen. Almost all women store their sexual trauma, blockages and shame and guilt in her pussy and it can lead to pain, hypersensitivity, tension and numbness in the vagina, especially the g-area and cervix. These blockages in the vagina are also called armor or armor, which your pussy has created over time to protect you. With a jade egg, one can massage, heal, soften and open up to the frozen emotions and memories that have created this armor. This means that with a jade egg practice one will most likely have to go through a period of deep emotional self-examination and healing.

Traditionally, the jade egg is made from real nephrite jade. The nephrite jade egg practice was a sacred practice developed by the concubines of China from around 5000-7000 years ago. The jade was polished into an egg, which the concubines used in their vagina to increase its sexual and creative potency as well as spiritual development. The jade crystal was seen as a way to balance body, mind and spirit in the Taoist tradition in China. For the concubines, the jade egg became a way to increase its vitality, charisma and sexual pleasure and health with the emperor, and therefore also a way to rule the kingdom behind the emperor, while maintaining their feminine soft nature.

In Taoist practice, breathing exercises, sexual reflexology, massage of the vagina or penis are also used and it is also believed that different sexual positions help to heal and open the body’s energy system, precisely because in different positions you will stimulate different reflex points before in the vagina and on the man’s cock.

Similarly, a jade egg massages the vaginal walls and activates the various reflex points inside which are associated with different organs and endocrine glands in the body but also different emotions. So by having the jade egg inside the vagina, one can simultaneously heal and strengthen the function of the organs and glands, but also heal and open up some deep emotional layers.

Traditionally in Taoist practice, work is done to heal and strengthen the function of the various organs and endocrine glands, i.a. by using a jade egg, but also by using its sexual energy for e.g. to heal the kidneys and transform feelings of fear and shame into gentleness and peace or transform the feelings of the heart from haste and apathy to pure joy and enthusiasm.

The jade egg is also said to help increase a youthful appearance because it ultimately increases our sexual life energy. Once you have your egg inserted into the vagina, you can do various breathing exercises that carry your sexual energy from your pussy up into your body and up into your brain, so that you can actually experience getting a little natural facelift – that way you can say that the jade egg is a little bit like botox, it tightens and gives a youthful look. This is because jading the egg basically activates our sexual life energy. And if you regularly do breathing exercises while having your jade egg introduced, e.g. the microcosmic circuit, then you can experience becoming full-body orgasmic, which in itself gives a beautiful glow.

So the jade egg is not a tool you just pop into your pussy. But the jade egg is part of a whole practice – a bit like yoga – which incl. breathing exercises, dancing, visualization, breast massage and energy work. You start by warming up, so you prepare your body to invite the egg in. Because you do not just stuff the egg in, but you invite the egg in and consult your pussy whether it is a yes or a no or a maybe to receive it today. You should therefore like to feel turned on in your body before inviting the jade egg in. Here you can use breast massage, dance or sensual massage or an orgasmic breathing exercise. Once you have invited the egg in, you do various pelvic floor exercises with it. And for the advanced then you can also tie some weight on your egg and do vagina weight lifting.

Jade Eggs are overall…:

  • Made of 100% real nephrite jade.
  • Has been used in Taoist practice in China for thousands of years.
  • Used in an entire practice – with pelvic floor clamp, breathing exercises, visualization and energy work.
  • Is robust and 100% safe to use inside the vagina.
  • Is heavy enough to strengthen the pelvic floor and robust enough to use in vagina weightlifting (where you tie string and weight
    on the egg).
  • Strengthens, softens, heals and opens the pelvic floor.
  • Increases your sexual energy for more pleasure and satisfying orgasms.
  • Is associated with the heart chakra, increases creativity and abundance, provides grounding and nourishment.
  • Heals the woman’s gender and sexuality.
  • Awakens the divine feminine within you.

Yoni Egg 101

So what is a yoni egg? Yoni eggs are really the same as a jade egg. It is also used deep inside the vagina to strengthen, heal and massage the pelvic floor. But unlike a jade egg, yoni eggs are made of other crystals. As you can see here, this yoni egg is completely orange, precisely because it is made from the crystal carnelian. You can actually get yoni eggs in a lot of different crystals. The probably most popular are rose quartz and black obsidian, but you can also get yoni eggs in amethyst, red jasper, rock crystal and many more. However, one should be aware that not all crystals are intended and healthy to use inside the vagina.

The word yoni is Sanskrit term for the woman’s genitals, both the inner vagina, cervix, uterus and ovaries and also the outer vulva with inner and outer labia, clitoris and venus mountain. The word yoni means “the holy temple”, which is so beautiful because it already in with this ancient word gives a sacred approach to the woman’s gender and shifts our perspective to our body as a temple. So by using a yoni egg, you learn to honor your pussy as something sacred.

Actually, the jade egg is also a yoni egg, because it is also used for the same purpose within the yoni, but nephrite jade is the traditional crystal to use, therefore you just call eggs made of nephrite jade a jade egg and other crystal eggs for yoni eggs.

Every crystal actually has its own healing properties and benefits. For example. The crystal carnelian can be used to increase creativity, courage and sex drive, while rose quartz is a good stone to heal heartache and increase love and peace. For women who are used to working with crystal healing is probably even more fascinated by stuffing a crystal into her vagina.

And yes, it is also really powerful and you feel the energy of the crystal much more because you are just so sensitive and receptive in your gender. When you combine the energy of the crystal with your sexual energy in your lap, then that is where a kind of alchemical connection can really arise and an opportunity for deep transformation, healing and self-examination. Because as I said, it is deep inside our deep darkness that we as women store deep feelings and traumas, so the yoni egg will with its crystal energy go in and work with what needs to be healed.

However, it is very individual which crystal you are drawn to and which one you need to work with. Different crystals do different things.

The fiery dramatic energy of black obsidian is e.g. good for that great transformation and protection, and for some women obsidian is just too violent in its energy, while others just exactly need that lava rock to get a breakthrough. Many women are attracted to rose quartz soft pink feminine energy because it can bring a lot of calm and nourishment and love of gender, body and sexuality.

As I see it, yoni eggs are something most used for meditation and crystal healing. Of course, you can use your yoni egg for physical pelvic floor exercises and breathing exercises like the jade egg, which has a whole practice and an energy system behind it.

Yoni Eggs are overall…:

  • Made in different crystals intended for use inside the vagina, e.g. black obsidian, rose quartz, amethyst, red jasper, rock crystal, carnelian and many more.
  • Is a very new invention, so no research has been done on it.
  • Used in yoni yoga, meditation, spiritual work, crystal healing and much more.
  • Is not always safe to use inside the vagina. Therefore, be extra careful, especially with quartz crystals!
  • Strengthens, softens, heals and opens the pelvic floor.
  • Increases your sexual energy for more pleasure and satisfying orgasms.
  • Is associated with different qualities and energies depending on which yoni egg you choose to use.
  • Heals the woman’s gender and sexuality.
  • Awakens the divine feminine within you.


What to be aware of regarding yoni eggs

Not all yoni eggs are robust and safe enough to be used inside the vagina and for more advanced physical exercises. Rose quartz is e.g. a quartz crystal which easily forms cracks in the surface and this makes it very porous to deal with. There are even some who will say that rose quartz is not safe to use inside the vagina, precisely because there is a possibility that it may break while it is inside you.

That is why it is so important to take care of your crystal and handle them with the utmost care and tenderness. Wash them thoroughly after use and look for cracks. Never use a yoni egg where there is a crack. Bacteria can form there and it can break down further.

Also remember to clean and charge your crystals energetically. When a crystal comes out of its natural element, then it needs to come out into nature again from time to time and be purified and charged to the elements of nature. You can clean it with water from the sea, a stream or a lake. Or you can use the smoke from sage to clean it. You can place your yoni egg on the ground to charge it with earth energy or place it under the glow of the full moon to charge it with the moon’s rays.

If you do not clean and charge your crystals, their healing effect will be reduced, especially because when used, they accumulate a lot of energy in themselves and need to be cleaned of energy from time to time. If they accumulate too much energy without being purified they can actually break down physically and if you have really gone through a major transformation with your yoni egg then they can even explode from the energy accumulation. Therefore, it is extremely important to handle its yoni eggs with utmost care and respect.

A yoni egg like all other crystals holds on to intentions, so it is a good idea to treat it like your friend and bless it with good intentions before inserting it into your vagina, e.g. can you bless it with the words “let this yoni egg make me feel safe” or “let this yoni egg heal me and free me from sexual shame” or “let this yoni egg give me great enchanting orgasms”.

Using a yoni egg is about listening to yourself and your body and above all listening to your pussy. It is about exploring yourself using the energy of the crystal. It is not the crystal itself that heals, but it is you who heal. You should see your yoni egg as a sacred tool, a master teacher or a little crystal shaman who will support you and give you wisdom on your healing orgasmic path.

You can start by meditating with your yoni egg outside on the panties and feeling into the healing energy of the crystal, and if you want you can sleep with your yoni egg introduced at night. However, not every night, as it is not healthy for the vagina to have something heavy lying for a long time at a time every night. You can also go with your yoni egg around at home, but I would be wary of going with it out in public if it just suddenly falls out – or down the toilet. Because if you lose a yoni egg into the toilet, it can easily break, because many yoni eggs are either made of glassy crystal or quartz.

So therefore use your yoni egg consciously. It is especially great for yoni yoga, where you do different pelvic floor exercises with it in different yoga-like positions. For example Cow and Cat, the Butterfly pose or Bridge pose in yoga.

Unfortunately, most yoni eggs also do not tolerate high heat temperatures because they can destroy the fine energy and surface of the crystal.

The jade egg, on the other hand, can withstand very high heat temperatures and is one of the most robust vaginal stones and is almost impossible to break. The weight of the jade egg is also heavier than the yoni egg and is therefore good for strengthening the pelvic floor.


Nephrite Jade Egg – The perfect beginner stone

Nephrite jade egg is a perfect beginner stone, also because it has a very smooth surface and therefore does not collect bacteria in cracks. Actually, you do not need to invest in vaginal stones other than jade because the gentle but powerful energy of jade can fully support you in sexual healing, self-love, pleasure and creative and spiritual unfoldment and manifestation. Jade is associated with the heart chakra and when used inside the vagina it therefore helps you to connect the heart with the sex, and therefore connect love and sex. Jaden can fully connect you to your sensuality, femininity, sexuality and creativity. In fact, it is seen as an abundance stone because it elevates the creative and sexual qualities that are already within you and helps you to create wealth, luxury, pleasure and abundance in your life.

The journey with different yoni egg crystals

However, this does not mean that you can not try other crystal eggs. In fact, I strongly encourage you to try it out and listen inwardly to what energy your pussy wants to receive. It’s your vagina and you decide for yourself what to put in her. Getting on this journey with the jade egg or yoni egg open you up to a whole new world where you can get to know your pussy in a whole new way, and it also opens you up to connect you to the energy of nature in a completely different way, so of course you have to decide for yourself and feel in and listen to your intuition in your pussy about which crystal is best for you.

Whether it is the healing love energy of the Rose Quartz, the transforming Kali energy of the Black Obsidian, the creative, sexy, creative fire energy of the Red Carnelian or perhaps the violet Amethyst with its high, positive energy frequency.

Different crystals have different properties and energies and can connect you to different parts of you, to different chakras, elements, frequencies, spirit beings, different spiritual worlds and different goddesses and gods.

It’s really the coupling between the spiritual and the sexual that makes the yoni egg wildly exciting for most women.

Some crystals can increase your clairvoyant and spiritual abilities, while others can give you grounding and nourishing. Some crystals are masculine and others are feminine, e.g. nephrite jade is masculine, so when you insert it into the female anatomy, it creates a nice balance between yin and yang, feminine and masculine energy. Rose quartz is a feminine, soft stone that helps with such things as emotional security and warmth, softness and closeness and care.

Yoni eggs are a bit like a spiritual tool to get closer to yourself and who your are deep down – a bit like other spiritual tools such as e.g. tarot cards and oracle cards or astrology. But unlike many other spiritual witch tools and techniques, the yoni egg teaches us to listen to ourselves and actually use our pussy like an oracle. And all at the same time as you raise and strengthen your pussy’s possibility into more amazing orgasms.

The Yoni Egg heals sexual shame and guilt, which has been a part of the woman’s DNA for so many generations. The egg loosens up stagnant energy in the pelvis and processes deep traumas stored there and helps us set healthy boundaries for ourselves and our pussy.

The Yoni Egg finally allows women to recapture her pussy as her own and get to know the softer, subtle energies deep inside her vagina. When you do not only focus on sexual arousal in relation to the woman’s gender, you start working with the deeper energies, and this opens up a whole new world.

You get to know yourself on a very deep level, the dark interior of a woman that many women avoid or have completely forgotten to consult, the wisdom of the womb and the primordial power of the cervix.

The Yoni Egg empowers female sexuality, awakens the divine feminine in you. Gives you confidence as a woman and teaches you to use your sexual energy actively in your life, in love, in your relationships, in your work life and in your creative projects.

All at the same time as you become deeply rooted in the ground and in your root. Many women are very upset, both in life and during sex. That’s why the yoni egg is so amazing, because it really grooves and provides a deep contact to Mother Earth and ultimately to our own womb.

The Yoni Egg is therefore about much more than just sex, but about including sexuality in its whole being and in its life.

However, one should be aware that crystals other than jade may be combined with chemicals, dyes, oils, unnatural materials or other stones. Therefore, one should never buy a crystal egg from a crystal shop, but always buy an egg that is created for the purpose of being used inside the vagina!

The dealer must therefore have a certificate for the authenticity and purity of the crystal.

On Gudindetemplet we only sell 100% geniune nephrite jade eggs and yoni eggs. Besides jade eggs we also have Red Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, Amethyst and Black Obsidian yoni eggs. I love black obsidian and have gained so much self-insight out of its powerful fiery energy. However, I have not tried carnelian inside my vagina yet, but I will probably tell about it when I have. However, I have been meditating with it, and it is really powerful and raises the sexual energy.

Buy your own Jade Egg or Yoni Egg on the Goddess Shop.


I send you so much erotic love your way.


Helle L.


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