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A crystal dildo is exceptional beautiful and, like all other dildos, it is intended to be used inside the vagina – but there is something very special about crystal dildos that a normal vibrator cannot.

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  • g-spot crystal dildoblack obsidian g-spot crystal dildo

    Lilith G-Spot Crystal Dildo

    57,00 91,00 
  • Spiral Crystal Dildospiral crystal dildo

    Spiral Crystal Dildo

  • black obsidian amrita yoni wandblack obsidian amrita dildo

    Black Obsidian Amrita Crystal Dildo

  • indian jade crescent crystal dildoIndian Jade Crescent Crystal Dildo

    Indian Jade Crescent Crystal Dildo

  • Blue Quartz Crescent Crystal DildoBlue Quartz Crescent Crystal Dildo

    Blue Quartz Crescent Crystal Dildo

  • rose quartz pleasure wandrose quartz crystal dildo slim

    Rose Quartz Crystal Dildo

  • indian jade pleasure wandindian jade pleasure wand

    Indian Jade Crystal Dildo

  • black obsidian crystal dildoblack obsidian pleasure wand

    Black Obsidian Crystal Dildo

  • swan wandswan wand

    White Jade Swan Dildo

  • black obsidian shadow healerblack obsidian crystaldildo

    The Shadow Healer

  • green aventurine crystal dildogreen aventurine crystal dildo

    The Green Jago Crystal Dildo

  • crystal cervix wand rose quartzcrystal cervix wand rose quartz

    Crystal Cervix Wand – Rose Quartz


Crystal dildos

The crystal dildos is a beautiful tool to slow down, feel deep and experience masturbation in a whole new way – as something that can be healing, transforming, meditative & like lovemaking with oneself.

It is also called a pleasure wand or a yoni wand. The word ‘yoni’ is a Sanskrit term for the woman’s vulva and vagina and is also translated as ‘the holy temple’.

Our crystal dildos are handmade and made of pure, raw crystal or other gemstone from Mother Earth and are therefore completely free of toxic BPAs, phthalates and dyes (unlike some plastic toys). It is a great alternative or supplement to dildos of plastic, rubber, silicone and latex.

They are specially designed for women and girls who are on a journey of more self-love and sexual empowerment and healing. Many women who find the crystal dildo have a desire to transform their relationship with their body, sensuality, sexuality and femininity. It could be that you’re here for the same reason – and it’s so great!

Each crystal has its very own special energy and vibrations that you can use in a physical, emotional and spiritual practice to increase your pleasure, intimacy and love for yourself and your pussy. We also do a lot to charge each crystal with a lot of love, care and goddess energy before it is sent to you so you will feel its powerful vibrations in your hands.

Use it in a whole lovemaking with yourself. Warm it up between your hands, by sliding it over your body, around your breasts and abdomen or put it in warm water (not boiling!) Before use. Once you have warmed up your body and gotten to know the crystal so that it exudes good energy, then you can use it for self-indulgence, vagina massage or meditative yoni trips.

These massages help to release tension and increase sensitivity in the vagina and provide increased blood supply to the pelvis. At the same time you get all the loving energy from the crystal. So when you use the crystal dildo in the vagina, you mix your sexual energy and uterine energy with the energy of the crystal. It gives you a greater contact to the wisdom and primordial power of your womb as well as to nature and Mother Earth, where the crystal comes from.

The crystal dildo is a symbol of how we should celebrate and make holy the body, sexuality, pleasure, sex, masturbation and orgasms. With the crystal’s vibrations and beautiful exterior, it inspires to create a sacred way to go to its magical abdomen and create a beautiful self-indulgence practice.

Your self-pleasure practice shows how you relate to your body. Do you touch yourself quickly and aggressively? Or slowly and lovingly? In a spontaneous and curious way or in the same way every time and maybe with the orgasm goal in mind? Or are you not touching yourself at all and have shut down your sensual energy due to trauma?

With the crystal dildo, you will be inspired and invited into a world of slow pleasure – where you caress yourself in the way you wish a lover did. You are simply learning to become your own lover, which will open up for deeper and more intense pleasure.

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