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About Goddess Temple

Goddess Temple is a place for sexual healing, inner goddess worship and feminine empowerment.

We offer high quality crystal dildos and yoni eggs and ships internationally from Denmark. At our Danish website we also offer 1:1 bodywork, online courses and goddess yoga. 

Here are sex and pleasure sacred, and the desire is to awake the feminine and bring the Goddess back to life in the world!

The temple is especially for women who need sexual healing and who want to commit to their pleasure, sensuality and sexuality.

About the founder

Helle is a feminine empowerment coach, who helps women re-connect to their pleasure, sensuality and sexual energy. She founded Goddess Temple (in Danish: Gudindetemplet) in 2018 with the mission of breaking taboos about women’s sexuality and reminding women that despite numbness, pain and trauma, there is an abundance of pleasure and orgasmic ecstasy available in every female body.

Through her own sexual healing journey with the jade egg, a whole new world opened up for her. By using the jade egg regularly she has experienced healing and releasing trauma and numbness in favor of safety, love and pleasure.

Since finding the jade egg in 2017, she has been exploring her body, mind and sexuality. She has gotten under the skin tantric and Taoist practices, educated as yoni mapper and found flourishing in her sexuality. All of this drives her to help other women through the Goddess Temple.

However, Goddess Temple is much more than just this online universe; it’s not only a specific place where you can buy crystal dildos and yoni eggs or get knowledge about sexual healing and pleasure, but the Goddess Temple is actually most of all the place that we women and girls already carry around us all the time, namely that which is between our hips, our magical pussy!

The Goddess Temple is a reminder that we as women already have a goddess temple within ourselves. Pussy is indeed a direct portal to the divine!

Therefore, our mission is to support women and girls to re-establish or deepen their sacred contact to their own goddess temple, to your pleasure, creativity, femininity, sexuality and orgasmic capacity, which is available in all women’s bodies.

So that we can once again bring the Goddess back into the world – and let all Her pleasure, peace, love and fertility flourish on Earth!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

You are definitely not alone and we celebrate you for your courage and strength to be part of this amazing change in the awakening of Her, The Divine Feminine!

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