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Helle is a feminine empowerment coach who supports women in re-establishing a sacred connection to their body and sexuality. She specializes in supporting women to release trauma, pain, shame or numbness in the womb and vagina through yoni mapping sessions. She also teaches the use of jade eggs, which in addition to sexual healing also help to increase pelvic floor strenght, pleasure and sensual energy.

She believes that the result of we as women keeping our womb sacred, we awaken the Goddess in the world. Working with Helle will therefore be a deep learning in a goddess practice that embraces both body, mind and spirit.

Helle combines her sessions and offerings with knowledge from various therapeutic branches. She is a trained yoni mapper, yoga teacher, postpartum doula and water priestess and have taken several courses in sexuality and womb magic.

You are welcome to contact her or read more below.

yoni mapping

Yoni mapping

Yoni mapping is a loving and gentle way to come home to one’s erotic innocence, imagination, joy and vitality. A yoni mapping means precisely mapping the vulva and vagina. The treatment helps to feel, heal and release what is hidden in the yoni.

Price: 1.500 DKK for 2.5 hours



Woman Wisdom 1:1 program

This program is specially designed for you who feel called to take the next step in your sexual healing and development, and who want to get to know your female body on a deeper level and get to the bottom of some of the challenges you must have with your sexuality and the female body.

Price: 8.000 DKK for the full program or 3.500 DKK for one shorter program


Postpartum care

For those of you who are pregnant and soon to give birth and who want help and care during your postpartum period – Helle is at your disposal, specially designed postpartum services for your needs. There are i.a. possibility of rebozo massage, hot nourishing food and tea, foot massage, water priestess rituals and foot baths as well as closing the bones ceremony with rebozo.

Price: Ask for price


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