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Glass Dildos

Take yourself on a journey to visit your inner goddess temple with our body safe glass dildos..

Welcome to Goddess Temple

The temple for your sacred feminine joy, pleasure and magic!

Waterproof Sex Blankets

For squirt orgasms, partner sex, free bleeding, childbirth, baby diaper changes, pet snuggle & pure relaxation..

Pussy Butter™

We recommend upgrading your pleasure practice with Pussy Butter™ – a delicious, luxurious vulva cream that smells and tastes of roses and white chocolate.

Beautiful crystal dildos

The crystal dildo is a beautiful tool to slow down, feel deep and experience masturbation in a whole new way – as something that can be healing, transforming, meditative & love making with oneself. Feel what crystal is calling to you and let your yoni pleasure journey begin …

Dear Goddess,

Let me remind you, that…

You deserve a life filled with ecstatic orgasms.

And your body is fully capable of experiencing them.

Inside every woman is an abundance of sexual pleasure and erotic ecstasy.

All women are naturally erotic and orgasmic.

In fact, YOU are born as full body orgasmic and have the opportunity to experience ecstatic, life-changing orgasms.

But for various reasons, e.g. due to sexual assault, trauma, transgressive gynecological surgeries and interventions or negative beliefs about the female body, many women experience being cut off from their sexual life energy. It can manifest itself in numbness, pain, dryness, hypersensitivity and / or tension in the vagina.

As a girl, we do not learn to feel our pelvis – to really understand and respect the signals of the pelvis and her “yes” and “no”. We have not learned to take care of her, honor her and listen to her limits. Neither do our mothers and grandmothers and their mothers before them have learned it.

Many girls and women have therefore sex before their pussy is completely ready (open, wet and inviting). In the long run, it can create problems, because when our boundaries are repeatedly exceeded, even though it may be unconscious, we become more and more disconnected from our body and womb. Because when the vagina is repeatedly penetrated against her will, either by a partner, the gynecologist or ourselves, it sends a clear signal to the vagina, that she is not safe.

When she is not listened to, when she does not have time to open up, and when her pleasure is not embraced, over time she will shut down more and more for the purpose of protecting herself.

If you experience pure connection with your vagina and vulva and do not experience the sexual magic that your body holds, then you need to know that you are NOT broken.

Your pelvis, your yoni, your pussy, or whatever you want to call her, is a sanctuary, a treasure chest, and a jewel.

By taking care of her and learning to listen to her, you can bring her back to life. And you can come home to your sensuality, erotic nature and your orgasmic potential.

Book a 1:1 session

If you live in Denmark, you can get 1:1 support from Helle. This is specifically for women, that need to heal their sexuality, release shame, guilt, tension and numbness inside the yoni and open up for their unic pleasure and orgasmic potential.

Meet the Founder

Get to know more about Helle and her mission with the Goddess Temple.

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